One Act Plays - 30 minutes & over

Perilous Tales
Cedric and Sybil (looking rather vacant)

Perilous Tales by

...a mad, silly and inventive peek into a world of twisted fairytales where not all stories end happily ever after. At each turn we were kept wondering as the weirdly macabre ensemble twisted and played with our expectations of how fairytales should be and even put in a few excellent morals at the end, as all good fairytales should.
From the review of the Conquest Youth Theatre production December 2008.

Cast: Lots. Ensemble piece & you can multirole or not. So .... 16+
Age: 13 - adult. Some of the tales are a bit dark, but actually fun in a cartoony sort of way.
Running time: About 50-60 minutes depending on how long you disco dance for at the end!
Involves: 4 sketches (can be bought separately as sketches as well) linked together to provide 4 cautionary tales. In Tale One we meet Cedic and Sybil, two characters intent on never changing and hanging on to their happiness no matter what the cost. In Tale Two the dreadful Princess Loki risks everything to find her own song as she stampedes through her spoilt life. In Tale Three the vain (and rather stupid) Gorgeous Gerald is stalked by a Ghost who wants to live again in a really handsome body to win back his wife Imelda. Finally Ed and Molly Grimble play one computer game too many .......The tales are performed 'cartoon' fashion by an ensemble cast, with the use of many props, costumes and a handful of puppets.
Set: Nothing is crucial - so as bizarre and complicated, or as simple as you like.

Darkness in the Night
Dave and Bob ..errr .. looking rather vacant .. with a whisk

Darkness in the Night by

While the premise behind Darkness In The Night was fairly wacky, the real theme of the play was friendship, aspects of which were intelligently explored in the script... Amongst the witty and fast-paced dialogue across the sexes, there are wonderful moments of tenderness between the manic necromancer Dave and his stolid but ever-loyal sidekick Bob, and also between feisty Lily and her thoroughly down-to-earth companion Kate.... Although sounding completely authentic for teenagers, Rob Hockley's script was full of finely crafted witticism, and carefully avoided the kind of slang that dates a play too precisely.
From the review of the Conquest Youth Theatre production December 2011

Cast: 2 lads & 2 girls
Age: 15 - 17 as an optimum age
Running time: About 50 minutes
Involves: Farce, quick responses & physical comedy. Very funny.
Set: The inside of an empty house. 2 areas - very simple.
Plot: A one act comedy - briefly: To protect her friend Lily from the unwanted attentions of Dave, Kate has persuaded Dave that Lily has died in an explosion. Lily, a reformed kleptomaniac, invites Kate to the abandoned house where she has stored her loot in order to dispose of it, while at the same time Dave drags his friend Bob to the same house, which he thinks is an ancestral home, to try to contact Lily's departed spirit. Inevitably the two pairs meet, Dave convinced that he has conjured Lily from the dead, and hilarious ramifications ensue.

Seeing Things
At last .. an intelligent looking bunch of characters (almost)

Seeing Things by

Dealing with the confused fantasies of a group of young teenagers, this could have been either grim or embarrassing, but the author had somehow combined acute observation of how real teenagers think and speak with his own wit and lightness of touch in such a way as to involve an audience of all ages.... It kept us both cringing and laughing from start to finish, and in the end keen to see more of Rob Hockley's work..
From the review of the Conquest Youth Theatre production December 2008

Cast: 2 lads & 3 girls
Age: 13 - 15 as an optimum age
Running time: About 45 minutes
Involves: Farce, quick responses, lots of misunderstandings centred around a tape recorder under a bed. Very funny.
Set: 3/4 playing areas. Teenager's Bedroom, The Living Room, The Hall & possibly outside
Plot: For a more in depth look at the plot go to the Storyboard page
Seeing Things is a short comedy all about adolescent secrets, sexual fear, lies, hauntings, mistrust and repression. Fun stuff. It follows just one life-changing afternoon in the day of Brian; a teenage Boy who honestly believes he can see ghosts when he goes to his happy place. Terrified by the prospect of literally losing his marbles in every conceivable way, he hatches a brilliant, scientific experiment to prove the existence of the afterlife by snogging. To accomplish this he enlists the help of well known ladies lad and best friend, Stuart. He then invites all Stuart's ex-girlfriends over. With the power of science firmly on his side and a bottle of cider to get things going, what could go wrong?

May Contain Nuts
What can I say? It's all pretty mad.

May Contain Nuts! by

Our Seniors have just performed 'May Contain Nuts' in our annual Showcase. The show was amazing & everyone enjoyed themselves. 'May Contain Nuts' was a roaring success.
Jackie Smith, Stage4kidz, July 2011

Cast: Lots. Multi-roling or one character each. 16 is plenty (multiroling), but more is fine!
Age: 13+
Running time: About 35/40 minutes
Involves: An awful lot of silliness, dressing up as pirates, mysterious old ladies, a few characters from Romeo & Juliet, sword fighting, walking the plank, vampires, talking statues .... and on ..... Originally written for outdoor festival performances, but can be performed anywhere you like. Requires lots of crazy imagination to add to the innate daftness of the story.
Plot: What plot? Oh, ok ... our hero, Henry, is trying to write a story. Actually, he has a rather fertile mind. It's just that despite his best efforts to stay with safe, mundane story-lines, where he can save reasonably attractive girls from domestic crises, he has absolutely no control over it at all. In fact Henry's imagination runs away with him. Together, and in the company of a few friendly pirates, they go on a perilous mission to find treasure. And then there is Jane, who refuses to be enslaved in the kitchen of Henry's mind any longer, and Doris, eager to be chased by more runaway wheelie bins. As I said, what plot?
Set: Anything really. Needs to be versatile. Lots of props, hats, big noses & fake facial hair is good.