Scene by Scene

A visual whizz through the plot

Scene 1

Brian has invited 3 of Stuart's ex-girlfriends round for a 'party' and carefully prepares his tape recorder and puts it under the bed. He explains that during moments of 'unresolved sexual tension' he sees a ghost in his room and wants to prove it exists by taping 'it' when the party gets interesting...

Scene 2

Of the girls, only Jo really wants to be there - she fancies Brian. Her friends are horrified and need to escape as soon as they can. Brian tries to get the party started with fruit juice.

Scene 3

It doesn't work. He goes to fetch his back-up bottle of cider only to find Stuart has drunk it all and appears to be sleeping. Realising he needs to create sexual tension he tries out various 'sexy' dance moves in the hall. The girls hear him and his credibility sinks lower.

Scene 4

After Belinda scares Brian silly by flirting with him in the hall, Andrea follows him to his bedroom. She finds him under the bed, where he is checking his tape recorder... She makes it very clear he is expected to ask Jo out. Interested, Brian notices the ghost starting to move the chair around and he panics telling Andrea the party is over.

Scene 5

Meanwhile Stuart, realising the living room is populated by his ex-girlfriends tries to escape, but runs into Jo and Belinda who, naturally, get him in an armlock and demand to know what is going on. He makes up outrageous stories about Brian having strange fantasies and retreating under his bed in times of stress and therefore in need of a good party with some cool girls.

Scene 6

Jo is worried and goes to see Brian - still in his bedroom, but now thoroughly depressed about 'seeing ghosts'. Thinking Brian is obsessed with a married woman she suggests that Brian should try 'seeing her' instead. He's confused, so Jo suggests they spend some time under the bed thinking this will calm him. She finds his tape recorder and jumps to the obvious conclusion...

Scene 7

Jo charges into the living room to confront Stuart with the tape recorder. Stuart lies (again) by saying he had no idea Brian was taping people in his room. As Brian tries to explain Stuart's lies become start to become evident and he tries to leave. Andrea and Belinda stop his escape.

Scene 8

Confusion and chaos reign as they all believe they know what is going on, accuse each other and generally get in a mess. Stuart offers to tell the truth and Brian is seriously worried that he will. He doesn't, he makes up another story to explain the tape recorder and Brian is off the hook.

Scene 9

Impressed by Stuart' lying for his friend, and seeing it as confidence and swagger, Belinda and Andrea both decide to give him another chance and discuss timetabling. Stuart tries to be offended but his ego is inflated to bursting point. Jo and Brian are left and they make plans to see each other. Jo leaves and Brian switches on the tape recorder...